Region 5 Governance as of May 1, 2017

Paula Land (Metro Mix Chorus) - Administrative Director

Annette Wallace (Acappella Omaha Chorus) - Education Director

Karen Matthews (Acappella Omaha Chorus) - Membership Director

New Governance Structure (Pilot Program)

All positions begin May 1, 2017


Resource Staff Applications are now available!

see below for descriptions and link to application

Applications for Director Positions (deadline 1/15/17)

Regional Governance Pilot Project and Job Descriptions (begin on page 9)

  • Administrative (page 10)
  • Education (page 22)
  • Membership (page 30)

If you have served as a Past RMT member, please consider applying for one of the Director positions.  Applications are linked below for downloading.


We would like to know if you are interested as soon as possible by emailing Judy Kaeser, and then receive your application by January 15.   And please note, the application says it should be sent directly to the Corporate Secretary, but it needs to be emailed to Judy Kaeser.  Judy will email all applications to the SAI Task Force for their approval.


Thank you for your consideration and for being a LEADER.



 Resource Staff Applications are now being accepted!

If you have served in a leadership position in your Chapter or have always wanted to help serve in a leadership position, these positions are perfect for you! The Resource Staff are anticipated working at home on their own with attendance at only one meeting in May for planning. Remember, our new Regional Directors will help guide and support you in this new position.


Please look over all job descriptions and if you are interested in serving as a Resource Staff (one year only), this application is linked below for downloading. Deadline date for applying is coming soon.


Resource Staff Application.doc

 Job descriptions for Resource Staff are under each Director job description section.




Our current Regional Management Team (RMT) has opted to participate in a Sweet Adelines pilot program of revised governance structure. This pilot structure is comprised of a three-person Regional Executive Committee – individual Directors in the areas of Administration, Education and Membership – with each Director working with a resource staff comprised of members who have various abilities and desires in each one of these three major areas.


The current RMT views this as an opportunity to further education on governance and leadership which should contribute to more effectively being able to meet our choruses and members needs for growth and development of musical and administrative skills.


This revised governance structure will officially go into effect May 1, 2017. Between now and then, your current RMT members will participate in the process of submitting Executive Committee Director names for appointment by the International Leadership Specialists. This appointment process – to be finalized by March 1, 2017 – will be followed by each Director selecting a staff of regional members who will work together to coordinate efforts in each of the three primary areas for our region.


Throughout the term of this pilot program (18 months: May 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018) the regional leaders will be assisted and mentored by the International Leadership Specialists (appointed by the International President) as well as members of the Regional Governance Task Force who have been putting together this pilot structure (with the approval of the International Board) for over three years. Consistent evaluations provided by the REC members as well as the Resource Staff members will be provided to the International Leadership Specialists and the International Board.


There will continue to be a regional member or members responsible for all the various facets of assisting individual chapters and members with their needs and education in all areas of Sweet Adeline life.


Sweet Adelines International has a large section on their website about this change.  You will find it at in the “members only” section.




(Your login is usually your last name and first initial – ex., smithj – and the password is usually your member number. If you can’t log in, call SAI at 1-800-992-7464 for help.)





You’ll then see the Regional Governance link on the members only page. 




Links are provided with information you may be inquireing about.




Applications are being sent out right now to members who are interested in one of the three Director positions.  If you are interested in being an Administrative, Education or Membership Director, send Judy Kaeser an email immediately.   If you would be interested in one of the Resource Staff positions, also, please send Judy an email to that effect.   We are on a close time schedule to get these positions filled with a May 1, 2017 beginning date.  The Resource staff are anticipated working at home on their own with attendance at only one meeting in May for planning.



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