Region 5 Quartets


Spirit of the Midwest Region 5 is proud to have many quartets that perform for occasions large or small. If your next event would be enhanced by some four-part harmony, have a look at our quartets below, and email their contact person.


Each of these registered quartets has at least one member from Region 5.


(Quartets - has any of your information changed? Let Region 5 know so it can be kept up to date.)




4's A Chord 4s A_Chord_-_2017_TAU

(Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus)

Bonnie Still - Tenor

Helen Ramshaw - Lead

Nyla Suffron - Baritone

Mary Ann Heath - Bass

Contact: Email Mary Ann








4's Company4sCompany

(Kansas City Chorus)

Kimi Ruder - Tenor

Sooz Combs - Lead

Bobbie Brown - Baritone

Glenda Rucker - Bass

Contact: Email Bobbie







Another Round Another Round

(River Blenders Chorus)

Abby Gatzke - Tenor

Jennifer Heffern - Lead

Stephanie Brennan - Baritone

Kim Webster - Bass

Contact: Email Stephanie











Arpeggio Unplugged Quartet graphic

(Show Me Sound Chorus)

Rosemary Olas - Tenor

Marty Walkington - Lead

Anna Schell - Baritone

Carol Rhoads - Bass

Contact: Email Rosemary








Jana Brown - Tenor

Wendy Hartwick - Lead

Grace Stewart - Baritone

Marcella Seager - Bass

Contact: Email Grace









ClassRing ClassRing

2019 Queens of Harmony
2017 2nd Place International
2016 5th Place International
2015 8th Place International
2014 Rising Star Quartet Champions

(Kansas City Chorus R5; Spirit of the Gulf Chorus R9; Pride of Baltimore Chorus R14; Chapter-at-Large R4)

Michaela Johnston - Tenor

Heather Havens - Lead

Mary Duncan - Baritone

Hailey Parks - Bass

Contact: Email Heather




(Kansas City Chorus, Vocal Standard Chorus)

Danette Kientz - Tenor

Eva Marie Vargo - Lead

Leslie Wolfe - Baritone

Janet Velazquez - Bass

Contact: Email Leslie









(Chapter-at-Large R5)

Lauren Reynolds - Tenor

Mary Kate Torretta - Lead

Erin Pettit - Baritone

Netanya Dart - Bass

Contact: Email Erin

















(Lincolnaire Chorus, Acappella Omaha Chorus, Chapter-at-Large R5 and R8)

LaRee Eckman - Tenor

Annette Wallace - Lead

Karen Randall - Baritone

Stacie Truax - Bass

Contact: Email Stacie









(Vocal Standard Chorus)

Jennifer Zoellner - Tenor

Rebecca Pattee - Lead

Stacy Patton - Baritone

Lori Carrender - Bass

Contact: Email Stacy













Gotta Love It Gotta Love_It

(Cedar Sounds Chorus)

Janet Walker - Tenor

Jo Bader - Lead

Margene Howard - Baritone

Maureen Murphy - Bass

Contact: Email Janet








iSing! iSing

(River Blenders Chorus)

Holly McKee - Tenor

Ann Keller - Lead

Nancy Inman - Baritone

Roberta Tuhro - Bass

Contact: Email Holly








Legacy Legacy

(Vocal Standard Chorus, Song of Atlanta Chorus R23)

Wendy Pool - Tenor

Stacy Schumacher - Lead

Alexis Nicoletta - Baritone

Trish Holland - Bass

Contact: Email Trish











Lemon Twist Quartet graphic

(Acappella Omaha Chorus)

Lee Caracciolo - Tenor

Vicki VanDyke - Lead

Robin Frazier - Baritone

Samala Brown - Bass

Contact: Email Lee







Love N Harmony Love N_Harmony_quartet

(Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus)

Evelyn Dillon - Tenor

Barbara Schureman - Lead

Lori Brickman - Baritone

Rhonda Machlan - Bass

Contact: Email Lori






Midnight MadnessMidnightMadness

(Harmony Central Chorus)

Charyl Barr - Tenor

Jennifer Norton - Lead

Donna Gruis - Baritone

Diana Latch - Bass

Contact: Email Diana









Mixed NutsMixed Nuts

(City Voices Chorus, Gateway Spotlight Chorus)

Brenda McCall - Tenor

Peggy Bess - Lead

Chris Roth - Baritone

Sue Singer - Bass

Contact: Email Brenda










Alexandria Stewart - Tenor

Lisa Spomer - Lead

Kim Stewart - Baritone

Jeniffer Graham - Bass

Contact: Email Kim














Off the CuffOffTheCuff

(Harmony Central Chorus)

Nancy Strutzenberg - Tenor

Jennie Van Voorhis - Lead

Cheryl Koenig - Baritone

Alison Crannell - Bass

Contact: Email Nancy









images stories_2019_International_PhotosPizzazz

2018 12th Place International
2017 10th Place International
2017 Quartet Champions

(Heart of the Blue RidgeChorus R14,Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus, Song of the Lakes Chorus R2)

Kelly Peterson - Tenor

Susan Ives - Lead

Janice Mohr - Baritone

Maria Christian - Bass

Contact: Email Susan





Plezant Company Pleazant Company

(Cedar Harmony Chorus)

Jo Wyatt - Tenor

Paula Steimel - Lead

Patti Blockhus - Baritone

Shirley Riggle - Bass

Contact: Email Jo






Prime Time PrimeTime

(Metro Mix Chorus and Chapter-at-Large R5)

Dianne Gray - Tenor

Jan Ahrens - Lead

Beth Dowd - Baritone

Shirley Knapp - Bass

Contact: Email Shirley










Remedy Remedy Quartet

(Harmony Central Chorus)

LeAnn Kleinhesselink - Tenor

Pam Redford - Lead

Sheryl Neal - Baritone

Jane Tham - Bass

Contact: Email Sheryl









(Kansas City Chorus)

Liddy Miller - Tenor

Heather Schouten - Lead

Kaylee Foster - Baritone

Mary Olson - Bass

Contact: Email Liddy










Sensation! Sensation

(Kansas City Chorus and Chapter-at-Large R5)

Susan Smith - Tenor

Barbara Patton - Lead

Ruth Decker - Baritone

Cheri Boydston - Bass

Contact: Email Barbara








Songbird Songbird

(Sound Celebration Chorus and Chapter-at-Large R5)

Margaret Cunningham - Tenor

Tish McCafferty - Lead

Christine Smith - Baritone

Linda Morrison - Bass

Contact: Email Christine

















(River Blenders Chorus and Metro Mix Chorus)

Dennery Martinez - Tenor

Janelle Aberle - Lead

Susan Pingel - Baritone

Jamie Opfer - Bass

Contact: Email Janella






Staff Party Quartet graphic

Mary Penniston - Tenor

Carolyn West - Lead

Diana Smith - Baritone

Bettye Hubbard - Bass

Contact: Email Mary







Star City Blend Star City_Blend_quartet

(Lincolnaire Chorus, Chapter-at-Large R5)

Connie Herndon - Tenor

Michelle Williams - Lead

Bev Grossoehmig - Baritone

Bette Karre - Bass

Contact: Email Bette









Take 4Take4

(Vocal Standard Chorus, Chapter-at-Large R5)

2019 Quartet Champions

Melissa VanHousen - Tenor

Chacey Rembecki - Lead

Kristin Drummond-Mance - Baritone

Wendy Spilker - Bass

Contact: Email Kristin







The FUN-tastics Quartet graphic

(Acappella Omaha Chorus)

Ruth Rath - Tenor

Rebecca Stock - Lead

Robin Frazier - Baritone

Mary Underwood - Bass

Contact: Email Mary








What's Up WhatsUp

(River Blenders Chorus, Chapter-at-Large R5)

Kathy Schuth - Tenor

Heather Schake - Lead

Connie Moore - Baritone

Jackie Kreigh - Bass

Contact: Email Kathy











Wicked Pitch Quartet graphic

Nancy Thompson - Tenor

Jennifer MacLeay - Lead

Gretchen Streett - Baritone

Ceclia Westphal - Bass

Contact: Email Jennifer










Wired Four Soundwiredfoursound

(Cedar Harmony Chorus)

Marcia Litterer - Tenor

Betty Murphy - Lead

Diana Sash - Baritone

Mary Kammeyer - Bass

Contact: Email Marcia


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