Our Quartets

Spirit of the Midwest Region 5 is proud to have a large number of great quartets that are available to perform for occasions large or small. If your next event would be enhanced by some four-part harmony, have a look at our quartets below.


4's Company Quartet

(Kansas City Chorus and Flint Hills

Harmony Chorus)

Kimberly Ruder - Tenor

Cindy Orzel - Lead

Bobbie Brown - Baritone

Patricia Duncan - Bass

Contact: cinorz@msn.com

Babe Quartet Babe crop

(City Voices Chorus)

Barbara J Barrett - Tenor
Carol A Weirich - Lead
Beverly Boyer - Baritone
Marcia Dickerson- Bass

Contact - 

Classic Blend QuartetClassic Blend
(Flint Hills Harmony Chorus and
Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)
Linda Lucas - Tenor
Wendy Hartwick - Lead
Vicky Shimp - Baritone
Grace Ann Stewart - Bass

Contact: classicgas65@gmail.com

Crescendo! QuartetCrescendo
(Harmony Central Chorus)
Pam Redford - Tenor
Patty Lively - Lead
Sheryl Neal - Baritone
Sharon Dady - Bass


Contact:  pattyral@msn.com











Dynamix QuartetDynamix

(Kansas City Chorus)

Danette Kientz - Tenor

Eva Marie Vargo - Lead

Leslie Wolfe - Baritone

Janet Velazquez - Bass

Contact: wolfetal@att.net





Equinox Quartet

(River Blenders Chorus and Region 3

Toast of Champaign Chorus)

Mary Ann Neuman - Tenor

Becky McDuffee - Lead

Nancy Inman - Baritone

Jacalyn Compton - Bass

Contact: equinox_quartet@yahoo.com


Executive Sweets Quartet

(St. Louis Harmony Chorus)

Christina Schuler - Tenor

Charae Martin - Lead

Angela Hall - Baritone

Kristyn Arendt - Bass

Contact: charaemartin@gmail.com




Fever! QuartetFever

(Lincolnaire Chorus, Acappella Omaha Chorus, and Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

LaRee Eckman - Tenor
Annette M. Wallace - Lead
Karen M. Randall - Baritone
Stacie Klassen - Bass

Contact:  cwallace4@cox.net











Fierce QuartetFiercecollage

(River Blenders Chorus and

Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Lauren Reynolds - Tenor

Dennery Martinez - Lead

Mary Kate Torretta - Baritone

Jaime Opfer - Bass

Contact: jschellert@hotmail.com











Firelight QuartetFirelight

(Acappella Omaha Chorus)

Lee Ann Caracciolo - Tenor

Ingra Winkler Anderson - Lead

Cecile Carlson - Baritone

Sandra Cornelison - Bass

Contact: flcaracc@cox.net








Four Good Friends Quartet

(Show Me Sound Chorus and

Kansas City Chorus)

Rosemary Olas - Tenor

Carrie Clotheir - Lead

Connie Homoly - Baritone

Nan Brant - Bass

Contact: chomoly978@gmail.com


For Once Quartet

(City Voices Chorus and Region 5


Jerilee Inghram - Tenor

Joanna Polley - Lead

Peggy Bess - Baritone

Susan Singer - Bass

Contact: psue55@aol.com


From the Heart Quartet

(Kansas City Chorus)

Linda Schumacher - Tenor

Barbara Patton - Lead

Marilyn Townsend - Baritone

Nan Brant - Bass

Contact: nannypatton@gmail.com


Gotta Love It Quartet

(Cedar Sounds Chorus)

Janet Walker - Tenor
Jo Anne Bader - Lead
Margene Howard - Baritone
Maureen Murphy - Bass

Contact: jwalker1282@ImOnMail.com


Harmony Rox Quartetharmonyrox

(Cedar Harmony Chorus)

Carol Anhalt - Tenor
Carolyn Haller - Lead
Linda Podhajsky - Baritone
Marilynn Buxton - Bass

Contact: mlpodhajsky@mchsi.com


(Kansas City, Topeka Acappella Unlimited,

and St. Louis Harmony Choruses)

Michelle Hunget - Tenor
Susan Ives - Lead
Sandi Wright - Baritone
Donna Kready - Bass

Contact: zingtenor@comcast.net

Imagine Quartet

(Flint Hills Harmony Chorus)

Cara Anne Wittkopf - Tenor

Jenny Locanthi - Lead

Kimberly Dressman - Baritone

Joyce Stover - Bass

Contact: cara_cam04@hotmail.com

Indigo Quartet Indigo crop
(Metro Mix Chorus)

Julie Schlader - Tenor
Jill Perkins- Lead
Susan Schellenberg- Baritone
Paula Land - Bass

Contact - srschell@inav.net

Website -http://www.IndigoQuartet.com




Jade Quartet

(Harmony Central Chorus)

LeAnn Kleinhesselink - Tenor

Carol Crandall - Lead

Susan Yinger - Baritone

Linda Holz - Bass

Contact: syinger@msn.com


Latest Edition Quartet Latest Edition

(Sound Celebration Chorus and

Region 3 Toast of Champaign Chorus)

Linda Dhermy - Tenor 
Kristin Olson- Lead 
Harriett Wall- Baritone
Carolin Tschopp- Bass

Contact - singbari67@sbcglobal.net

Legacy QuartetLegacy Updated

(Kansas City Chorus)

Wendy Pool - Tenor 

Stacy Schumacher - Lead

Mary Duncan - Baritone

Trish Holland - Bass

Contact:  fourpools@yahoo.com

Love N Harmony Quartet

(Topeka Acappella Unlimited)

Evelyn Dillon - Tenor

Barbara Schureman - Lead

Rhonda Machlan - Baritone

Barbara Greathouse - Bass

Contact: geobarbsch@sbcglobal.net

Main Attraction Quartet

(Region 3 Heart of Illinois Chorus,

Region 3 Vermillion Valley Show Chorus,

and Sound Celebration Chorus)

JoEllyn Welch - Tenor
Gena Sommer - Lead
Kathryn Filipiak - Baritone
Martha Eiter - Bass

Contact - leadsngr3825@gmail.com

Midnight Madness QuartetMidnight Madness

(Harmony Central Chorus)

Charyl Barr - Tenor

Jennifer Norton - Lead
Donna Gruis - Baritone
Diana Latch - Bass
Contact Diana Latch 515-205-3089











Mood Swing! Quartet

(Sound Celebration Chorus and

Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Linda Sowers - Tenor

Wanda Turley - Lead

Karen Riddell - Baritone

Kathy Everett - Bass

Contact:  keverett333@gmail.com


Mystical Quartet

(Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Jessica Fritz - Tenor

Deanna Barleen - Lead

Shannon Fritz - Baritone

Cathy Scroggs - Bass

Contact: toto66502@rksmgmt.com




No Doubt Quartet

(Harmony Roses Chorus)

Juanita Likens - Tenor

Cheryl Webb - Lead

Karen Lemay - Baritone

Jan Brown - Bass

Contact: cher77kay@yahoo.com


Nouveau Quartet

(Topeka Acappella Unlimited

Chorus and Springfield Metro, R25)

Kelly Peterson - Tenor

Tricia Clifton - Lead

Janice Mohr - Baritone

Bonni Jackson - Bass

Contact:  lvs2singbass@gmail.com

Odyssey Quartet

(Flint Hills Harmony Chorus and

RiverSong Chorus)

Susan Pruente - Tenor

Cindy Orzel - Lead

Becky Wolfe Taylor - Baritone

Leslie Galbreath - Bass

contact: cinorz@msn.com

Off the Cuff QuartetOff the Cuff

(Harmony Central Chorus and Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Nancy Strutzenberg - Tenor
Jennie Van Voorhis - Lead
Marilyn J Kofmehl - Baritone
Alison Crannell - Bass

Contact: nanstrutz@gmail.com

Onyxx Quartet Onyxx

(Metro Mix Chorus)

Connie Kilts - Tenor
Ann Buckheister- Lead
Janet Stump- Baritone
Shar Merta - Bass

Contact - stumpjan@gmail.com

Parade QuartetParade 1

(Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus and Kansas City Chorus)

Jana Brown - Tenor

Sheri Hart - Lead 

Stacy Patton - Baritone

Lori Carrender - Bass

Contact:  stacy.patton@leesummit.k12.mo.us 




Plezant Company QuartetPleazant Company

(Cedar Harmony Chorus)

Jo Wyatt - Tenor
Paula Steimel - Lead
Patti Blockus - Baritone
Shirley Riggle - Bass

Contact: jolene.wyatt@gmail.com

Prime Time Company Quartet PrimeTime

(Metro Mix Chorus and Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Dianne Gray - Tenor
Janice Ahrens - Lead
Beth Dowd - Baritone
Shirley Knapp - Bass

Contact: shirley-knapp@uiowa.edu

Savoir Flaire Quartet

(Metro Mix Chorus)

Anita Evermann-Gibbs - Tenor

Jeanna Bender - Lead

Beth Broman - Baritone

Juanita Suhr - Bass

Contact: ajtenor@louisacomm.net

Sensation! QuartetSensation

(RiverSong Chorus, Kansas City Chrous, and Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Susan Smith - Tenor

Barbara S. Patton - Lead

Ruth Anne Decker - Baritone

Cheri Boydston - Bass 

Contact: nannypatton@gmail.com

Simpatico QuartetSimpatico

(Heart of Missouri Chorus and Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Twilla Duvall - Tenor 

Heather Schake - Lead

Wendy Hofmann - Baritone

Bobbi Walker - Bass

Contact:  bobbi.walker@gmail.com

Songbird Quartet Songbird

(Sound Celebration Chorus and Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Margaret Cunningham - Tenor
Tish McCafferty - Lead 

Christine Smith - Baritone
Linda Morrison - Bass

Contact - timelyldy@aol.com

Special Arrangement QuartetSpecial Arrangement

(Harmony Central Chorus and Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Bette Fulton - Tenor
Cheryl A. Philpott - Lead
Kay R. Bromert - Baritone
Jane Tham - Bass

Contact: kbromert55@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.specialarrangementquartet.com/














SPIN! QuartetSpin

(Kansas City Chorus, City of Fountains

Chorus, and Flint Hills Harmony Chorus)

Katherine Herbert - Tenor

Lhea Wilson - Lead

Lou Williams - Baritone

Jennifer Ethridge - Bass
Contact:  lwilson@huxcomm.net

Spring Training Quartet Spring Training

(River Blenders Chorus)

Cheryl Abbott - Tenor
Bonnie Burke - Lead
Diane Huber - Baritone
Karen Sanford - Bass

Contact - ksanford17@hotmail.com

Star City Blend Quartet

(Lincolnaire Chorus)

Connie Herndon - Tenor

Michelle Williams - Lead

Bev Grossoehmig - Baritone

Bette Karre - Bass

Contact:  bettekarre@yahoo.com


Take 4 QuartetTake 4

(Kansas City Chorus, St. Louis Harmony Chorus, and Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Esther Marston - Tenor

Chacey Rembecki - Lead

Kristin Drummond-Mance - Baritone

Wendy Spilker - Bass

Contact: hyper161@hotmail.com










The Young - and The Rest of Us Quartet

(Acappella Omaha Chorus)

Sara VanDyke - Tenor

Vicki VanDyke - Lead

Dottie Heffernan - Baritone

Deb Kespohl - Bass

Contact: kndkespohl@aol.com

Trading Places Quartet Trading Places

(St. Louis Harmony Chorus and

Region 5 Chapter-at-Large)

Linda Gross - Tenor
Elizabeth Hardcastle - Lead
Lora Wright - Baritone
Roseann Haven - Bass

Contact - lindalgross@gmail.com


Vivid Image Quartet

Vivid Image crop

(River Blenders Chorus)

Kathy Schuth - Tenor
Susan McCann - Lead
Connie Moore - Baritone
Jacqueline Kreigh - Bass

Contact - jsing013@aol.com








Wired 4 Sound Quartetwiredfoursound

(Cedar Harmony Chorus)

Marcia Litterer - Tenor
Betty Murphy - Lead
Diana Sash - Baritone
Mary Kammeyer - Bass

Contact: mlitterer64@hotmail.com

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