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News From Our RMT
2019 - 2020 Regional Management Team (RMT)
Communications Coordinator – Mary Kammeyer reg5communications@gmail.com
Directors Coordinator – Bev Hamilton reg5dircoord@gmail.com
Education Coordinator – Annette Wallace reg5edudir@gmail.com
Events Coordinator – Ros VanHecke reg5evco@gmail.com
Finance Coordinator – Beth Hager reg5finance@gmail.com
Marketing Coordinator – Judy Kaeser reg5market@gmail.com
Membership Coordinator – Karen Matthews reg5saimem@gmail.com
Team Coordinator – Twilla Duvall  reg5teamcoord@gmail.com
Did You Know?
Effective May 1, 2020
Your 2020 - 2021 Regional Management Team (RMT)
Communications Coordinator – Mary Kammeyer 
Directors Coordinator – Bev Hamilton 
Education Coordinator – Twilla Duvall
Events Coordinator – Ros VanHecke
Finance Coordinator – Beth Hager
Marketing Coordinator – Judy Kaeser
Membership Coordinator – Karen Matthews
Team Coordinator – Mary Kullman

The RMT would like to welcome Heather Mize, from Sound Celebration Chorus as the new secretary for the RMT

Thank You Annette!

Along with welcoming Twilla Duvall to the position of Education Director, the Regional Management Team must bid a "farewell" to Annette Wallace for her many years of serving on the Team.  Beginning as Director Coordinator, she was then appointed by International to serve as Education Coordinator.   Under her six years as Education, she coordinated many excellent music schools with outstanding faculty.   Region 5 members have enjoyed great curriculums under Annette’s watchful eye.  She made sure that the Regional Faculty was part of the education schedule so they could share their knowledge when teaching and coaching all our choruses.  The position of Education Coordinator is varied, and we could not list all the duties, but we can thank Annette for her great leadership to Region 5, for her expertise in the expression judging category as she travels around the International organization, and her great dedication to her chorus and quartet, and especially to Spirit of the Midwest Region 5.  Thank You Annette!
Battle of the Barbershop Stars
The RMT is currently discussing plans for Battle of the Barbershop Stars that is scheduled for June.  Please understand that we will make decisions that best serve our members and their physical well-being while also being fiscally responsible.  At this time, we have not made any decisions on cancelling the Battle. We will look to International for guidance, as well as following any and all government mandates as they are passed down.  As soon as any decision is made, we will communicate it to our membership. Should it be possible to move forward with our plans, we will work to extend deadlines for registration and hotel bookings.  In the event that we must cancel, we will work to be released from any contract obligations and process refunds for anyone that has already registered. We truly hope to see you ALL in June!
Educational Tidbits
The New ACP!
Kay Bromert
See if you can answer this trivia question. Who are the two Region 5 members who are enrolled in the new Arrangers Certification Program (ACP)? (Answer at the end of the article)
Arrangers are a critical part of our Sweet Adeline lives. Without arrangers, there would be no music for us to sing. Have you ever wanted to learn to be one of those special people? Or do you wish you just understood more about how our music is put together? The new ACP might be just the ticket! This International program went live as of May 1, 2019, with the goal of offering arranger training to people in all Regions around the world.
The ACP Beginning Level is structured much like the Directors Certification Program (DCP), with 9 self-study Modules and tests at the end of each Module. Once you have completed the Beginning Level successfully, you may enroll in the Intermediate (Cohort) Level. This consists of 5-6 applicants who work as a group with 1-2 Certified Music Arrangers (CMA) or Master Music Arrangers (MMA) via video conference, for more in depth study and practice in arranging. Following successful completion of that, applicants may apply for the Advanced Level, which consists of an ACP scholarship for up to two years of individual mentoring from a CMA/MMA, and then the applicant may apply for CMA status.
If you would like to learn more about the ACP, here is a link to a FAQ on our Region 5’s website.

If you are interested in enrolling in the ACP, here is a link to the information page on International’s website.

In addition, I also run an Arrange By Email program here in Region 5. For more information about that, or for any other questions, please feel free to contact me at 
And the trivia answer? Our two enrollees are Sheryl Neal, Harmony Central Chorus, and Wendy Hofmann, Heart of Missouri Chorus. Both have successfully completed the Beginning Level and are currently participating in an Intermediate Level group.
Kay Bromert, CMA
Approved Candidate Judge, Music
Moderator, ACP Coordinators Committee
Quartet News
Off the Cuff

Off the Cuff gets creative and had a beautiful rehearsal!
First Class
Hi everyone!

We’re First Class, a newly formed quartet from Kansas City and Lincoln, Nebraska. We had our first rehearsal in January, and it has been a whirlwind ever since. We have all been singing barbershop for quite some time, and it is our connection with Region 5 that brought us together! Fun fact: Last year we were all in different quartets: Fever, Legacy and Take 4 (still together). Our top trio are all proud members of Vocal Standard Chorus and our bass sings in a band called Red-Eye Sunday. 
We were looking forward to seeing everyone this month in Cedar Rapids. I guess we’ll just have to plan to sing double the amount of tags with all of you the next time we gather in person. If you want to learn more about us, please feel free to give our Facebook page a like: 
In harmony,
Wendy, Stacy, Kristin & Stacie
Take 4

Greetings Region 5!

The beginning of the year started off quite busy and has since come to a grinding halt, as it has for everyone. In January, we sang on the St. Louis Vocal Project show which was amazing. At the beginning of February, we got coached at HELP school in St. Joseph, Mo. Then, at the end of February we travelled to Chicago to compete in the Chicago Harmony Sweeps. We were so excited to represent SAI and Region 5, competing against some very amazing contemporary acapella ensembles from multiple states. Never in a million years did we think we would walk away with a third-place finish! Our lead Chacey also received the Outstanding Soloist Award. It was a new and amazing experience. 
We were looking forward to seeing everyone at Regional, singing our swan set, and most excitingly, leading the youth festival. Hopefully we’ll all be together in song very soon. We have decided to take a break from competing in Sweet Adelines for the moment, but we’re not going anywhere. We’re still happily making music and representing SAI in non-competitive ways! We can’t wait to see you all soon!
Melissa, Chacey, Kristin, Wendy
Eclipse has been staying connected through Zoom. While we can’t sing on this platform, we certainly enjoy getting to see each other’s faces!! We all feel fortunate that we can be home. Between us, we have 10 kids ranging from 18 months to 9 years old! Our conference calls for work can be interesting with either screams, laughs, or appearances in the background! Mute is our favorite feature for these moments! Haha! 
While we are so sad, we won’t get to share the stage in April with our Region 5 sisters, we are so grateful that we can still stay in touch via Facebook! Please keep sharing those pictures and videos! We are sending many virtual hugs! We love you Region 5! Keep singing!!  

Chorus News
Acappella Omaha Chorus
Acappella Omaha Chorus, under the direction of Annette Wallace, has been focused, since January, on preparing for the April regional competition in Cedar Rapids, except for a “sing-out” on February 8 at Aksarben Retirement Village in Omaha.  Visiting director, Cindy Hansen, provided excellent assistance to the chorus on February 10 as the chorus developed a choreography plan for their regional uptune, “No No Norman.”  On the weekend of February 28 and 29, the chorus “retreated” to Mahoney State Park in Nebraska to focus on Renee Porzel’s excellent direction and suggestions for improving the two songs they’ll take to competition. 

Cedar Sounds Chorus
Greetings from Cedar Sounds Chorus!
2020 is rolling along mighty fast, with Region 5 Competition right around the corner! We are looking forward to once again welcoming you to our great city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the City of Five Seasons! Not sure what the 5th season is...but how about making it the Season of Harmony, just for a weekend, in honor of the women who have spent so many hours learning notes, choreography, vowel matching, diphthongs... we could go on and on, but, I think you get the idea!
As our chorus prepares for our Installation Dinner in May, a big thank you to fellow Sweet Adelines who fill the Leadership roles in their choruses, making our organization run smoothly. So, with perfect 20/20 vision, we look forward to another great Region 5 Competition!
Coaching with Jim Arns
River Blenders Chorus


The River Blenders are very disappointed that we won't see your contest performances in April, but we know that you will ROCK the video submissions!  We will catch your performances once the videos are posted. Remember that we are cheering for each of you as if we were sitting in the audience at the Paramount.  We look forward to re-connecting with the region at the June music school and Tribute to the Top in September.  

Since the new year, we have been busy with lots of coaching. Our retreat with Erin Howden in March had to be canceled, but there are more coaching sessions on the schedule before our October trip to Louisville. It is expensive to compete at International, so we are in a heightened fund-raising mode. We recently had an extremely successful Mouse Race fundraiser. Who would have thought that there was money to be made by making adults pay to gather and watch mice run down a track?!  We had 60 amazing silent auction baskets thanks to the hard work and donations from many Blenders. It takes a village!  We also have Cardinals vs Cubs baseball tickets for sale!  We are singing God Bless America at the July 26th afternoon game. These games are always extra fun because it is such a strong rivalry with enthusiastic fans. We have reduced price game tickets on sale for just $40!  Contact Nancy at nancyblanc3@gmail.com or go to our website, riverblenders.org for more information. Again, best of luck with your contest videos! 

Show Me Sound Chorus
Show Me Sound Chorus has been very busy preparing for contest and other local performances. The chorus attended the H.E.L.P. seminar in St. Louis on March 7 and was very pleased with the quality of the coaching they received.  Two new members as well as the director, Rosemary Olas, has helped sound and excitement of members. We look forward to many more opportunities to reveal our talents in the community.
Sound Celebration Chorus
Like all of Region 5, Sound Celebration Chorus is in a state of suspended animation. Just as we were beginning to fine tune and polish our competition set, the world folded in on itself.  

We had two wonderful coaching sessions in February with Kevin Keller and sister act Bonnie Fedyski and Amy Brinkman.  They not only shared their expert advice and suggestions, but also kept the atmosphere lively and fast paced.  

Two of our chapter quartets, Lucidity and Songbird, took advantage of the HELP School in March.  This coaching event, sponsored by the St. Louis Area Barbershop Council, featured the area's finest coaches.  Both quartets had three coaching sessions, and group educational sessions were provided throughout the day.  Thank you to the coaches, the Barbershop Council and all involved in this fabulous day.    

While we were able to continue our second Friday Bingo fundraisers through March, our second annual Trivia Night was postponed. We have an Applebee's Pancake Breakfast scheduled for June.  
Of most importance right now is that every one of our singing sisters remain healthy.  The music will still be there when the world unfurls again, and what glorious chords we will ring! 
Ryan and Michelle

Kansas City Chorus

Kansas City Chorus began the new year excited and off to a great start with the dynamic Cindy Hansen and her high energy!  In February we joined the men's Heart of America Chapter spending a day sharing the art of barbershop with mid and senior high students.  It was a joy hearing the next generation ringing chords.
In March our chorus retreat was scheduled for the weekend beginning the day after International made the difficult decision to cancel all regional contests.  Our leadership with the support of the chorus decided to go ahead with the retreat and our amazing coach, Ryan Heller, was eager to come.  And what a fabulous retreat we had!  Ryan treated us like his own chorus with lots of positivity, lifting us up and propelling our musical product forward.  Everyone commented how quickly the time passed.  The KC chorus is now part of Ryan's coaching family!  He and Michelle are working on dates for future coaching.
During this most difficult time we are encouraged to watch our retreat video and keep singing!  We will get through this together and the KC Chorus looks forward to when we can all harmonize together again!  Stay safe and w
Front Row: New Members – Sue Peckham and Jan Mix
Back Row: Jill Vanderpool, Team Leader; Jerry Garrard, Director; Donna Turk, Membership Coordinator

RiverSong Chorus

After visiting RiverSong’s annual show last fall, Sue Peckham and Jan Mix attended RiverSong rehearsals becoming members early in 2020.  Welcome aboard, Ladies!!
As with most choruses the new year brings preparations for the contest season.  RiverSong began the 2020 year with a weekend retreat in Parkville, Missouri, with the assistance of friend and coach, Vickie Maybury.  WOW, what a stellar beginning to the year!!  Cindy Hansen Ellis then added to the program with her uncanny ability to create the most appropriately fun choreography.  Contributing to this marvelous recipe for success was Debra Lynn and her bel canto style of singing.  RiverSong was getting prepared to unload success in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
WHAM! COVID-19.  WE are looking forward to a very sweet reunion when the crisis has passed.  In the meantime, each member is continuing to sing to her friend in the mirror and practice all the techniques offered earlier in the year.
Rich Knight in action, coaching Flint Hills Harmony on March 7th at the H.E.L.P. School

Flint Hills Harmony Chorus

Happy April to all in Region 5!
Although a nationwide viral intruder derailed the regional competition in Cedar Rapids and caused Flint Hills Harmony to suspend weekly practices, FHH is staying connected.  Our talented director, Chris Day, is regularly sending out challenges that include reviewing regional songs (and learning them, for our newer members) and fun physical and vocal warmup exercises. Chris is tracking points for those who wish to report their progress. Once this crisis has passed, FHH will be raring to go again, with the added incentive of winning a surprise bonus for our efforts!!
Prior to mandates suspending gatherings, FHH attended the wonderful H.E.L.P. (Harmony Education & Learning Program) School on March 7th in Creve Coeur, Mo. We greatly benefited from this one-day school, sponsored by the St. Louis Area Barbershop Council.  FHH worked with three EXCELLENT coaches, Roseann Haven, Rich Knight, and Gene “Doc” Spilker, in separate sessions during the day.  When not being coached, we attended classes, one presented by Dixie Dahlke about sound blend and another by Doc Spilker, providing lyrical interpretation guidance. This was our second year attending this outstanding school. It is so worth the trip!
FHH wishes good health to all. We hope to see everyone soon!
Vocal Standard Chorus
Well, this is a much different update than we would have anticipated. We would typically have been talking about how excited we were to see you all in just a few short weeks, but here we are.
Vocal Standard is doing a lot of the same things all of you are doing to stay connected during this pandemic. We are holding virtual rehearsals, learning new music, having one-on-one lessons with our section leaders, chatting together online, and having a “happy hour” time where we can all just talk, tell stories, and enjoy each other’s company. With our contest set, two new songs in the works, and one more on the way, we definitely have music to keep us occupied.
We have people who are working from home, people who’ve been temporarily laid off, and some school teachers doing their best to stay connected with their students, along with parents who have suddenly become teachers.
We hope this time finds you healthy and able to stay virtually connected to your friends, chorus, and loved ones. And when the time is right, we’ll all be together to sing again. We can’t wait.
Be well, stay safe, stay home, and take care of yourself while you’re taking care of others.
Regional Information
Upcoming Events
Region 5 Competition - Cancelled
April 23-26, 2020
Cedar Rapids, IA

IES 2020 -  
July 22- 26, 2020
Trinity University, San Antonio Texas

International Competition 2020
October 12 - 17, 2020
Louisville, KY

International Competition
October 11 - 16, 2021
St. Louis, MO
Battle of the Barbershop Stars
June 19 - 20 2020
Kansas City, MO 

Fall in Focus
September 11 - 12, 2020
Chesterfield, MO 

Spirit of the Midwest Region 5 Competition
April 8 - 11, 2021
Cedar Rapids, IA
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