News From Our RMT
2019-2020 Regional Management Team (RMT)

Communications Coordinator – Mary Kammeyer

Directors Coordinator – Bev Hamilton

Education Coordinator – Annette Wallace

Events Coordinator – Ros VanHecke

Finance Coordinator – Beth Hager

Marketing Coordinator – Judy Kaeser

Membership Coordinator – Karen Matthews

Team Coordinator – Twilla Duvall

"Happy Holiday's from the RMT"

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2020 Real Guest Program
Once again, the Regional Management Team of Spirit of the Midwest Region 5 has approved Real Money for the Real Guest Campaign.
This six-week program is simple:
  1. Each chorus selects a six-week time frame for a membership drive.
  2. Notify Karen Matthews, Region 5 Membership Coordinator of your selected dates before your first designated rehearsal.
  3. Submit a weekly report of your chorus’s real guest names and their contact information to Karen.
  4. Real guests are women who love to sing and meet any age requirement established in your standing rules
  5. Current chorus members on leave of absence or associate member status do not qualify. (Nor do out of town visiting relatives or high school friends.)
Cash awards will be presented during Competition weekend in April 2020.
  • $600 to the chorus with the highest percentage of guests during their six-week campaign.
  • $600 to the chorus with the most second time visitors during the designated six-week drive.
Already completed one? Why not use what you have learned to do another? Send your dates, weekly reports and questions to: Karen Matthews,
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Upcoming Events
Metro Mix
"Holiday Show"
November 23, 2019
Maquoketa, IA 

City Voices Holiday Luncheon
"Stars and Stripes Forever"
December 7, 2019
St. Louis, MO

Heart of Missouri
"Sweets and Songs Extravaganza"
December 8, 2019
Columbia, MO

Spirit of the Midwest Region 5 Competition
April 23-26, 2020
Cedar Rapids, IA

Fall in Focus

September 11 - 12, 2020
with Scott Kvigne
DoubleTree by Marriott
Chesterfield, MO 

Spirit of the Midwest Region 5 Competition
April 8 - 11, 2021

Cedar Rapids, IA
Metro Mix
"Holly Jolly Vendor Fair"
December 7, 2019
Cedar Rapids, IA

Kansas City Show
"Holiday Harmony Spectacular"
December 7, 2019
Unity Village, MO

Topeka Acappella Unlimited Show 
"Christmas Show"
December 14, 2019
Topeka, KS

Battle of the Barbershop Stars
June 19 - 20, 2020
with Diane Porsch & Dede Nibler

Kansas City Marriott Downtown Muehlebach Hotel

International Competition 2020
October 12 - 17, 2020
Louisville, KY

International Competition
October 11 - 16, 2021

St. Louis, MO
More information on the Region 5 Website:
Educational Tidbits
Upgrade Vocal Blend for Higher Scores
Dixie Dahlke
As a Sound judge, one of the errors I often hear when judging is loss of blend, whether through much of the performance, on just one song or at key changes or in complex phrases.  Loss of blend guarantees various degrees of out-of-tune singing, so here is a brief review of the importance of blend to an in-tune performance. 
Blend requires
·         Keen listening skills
·         Freely produced voices
·         Equalized and consistent breath energy
·      “Like” Vowel Sounds
·         Synchronized delivery – timing and length of the target vowel and diphthong, timing of word turns, and timing of the breath into the next phrase
·         A mental focus on section and chorus blend beyond focus on the individual singer
To achieve good ensemble blend, each singer must apply a consistent awareness of “mixing” your own vocal quality with those of the singers around you.   Your ears will make subtle adjustments to your own resonance in order to achieve the greatest degree of blend possible.  You must be psychologically willing to allow your voice to adjust as you allow other resonances to blend with your own.  Learn to sing into the voices around you.
Voices to be blended must be relatively free of tension in all performance ranges and they must be supported with consistently energized air flow.  When voices are produced by utilizing the throat muscles, blend can become impossible to achieve. 
No chord will tune completely until all voices are blended into their own section and each section is blended with all the other sections. 
Balance is a vital part of our barbershop sound.  The Judging Category Book says, “the voices to be balanced must first be blended.” Unblended voices will rarely balance or tune.
Of course, each singer in a section must sing correct notes and words.  We don’t need to discuss this, right?
Producing “like” vowels is critical to maintaining blend and consistent “fine tuning.”  I.e., “Lah” vs “Luh” in the word “Love.”  Leaving out diphthongs will momentarily affect both blend and tuning. 
It is vital that we practice both the physical/mechanical skills and the mental skills related to good ensemble singing.  Great listening skills and thrilling performances rely on training our ears and our brains to work together through every phrase.
You’ll be so busy listening to blend and tuning during rehearsal that you may even forget that your feet hurt or that you’ve sung that same phrase a dozen times!  Go forth and blend!
Quartet News

Staff Party


Staff Party had the honor of singing our National Anthem at Gladstone’s Theater in the Park.  The quartet also performed the Anthem and the Canadian National Anthem at Kansas City T-Bones baseball games to finish the summer Not only does Staff Party love to sing, but the quartet enjoys good baseball games with funnel cakes!!

Preparation began for the quartet’s segment on the RiverSong fall show, “Musical Mystery Tour.”  Staff Party was thrilled to share the stage with the men’s quartet Priorities, and our Region 5 quartet champions Take Four!  The show and afterglow were successful and filled with fun and laughter.

Along with many other members of Region 5, Staff Party traveled to New Orleans to observe the tremendous talent that crossed the stage.  Congratulations to Vocal Standard, Pizzazz, and Take 4 for representing our region in fine fashion!  Of course, Class Ring was a favorite!  Not only did Staff Party take home a bountiful supply of ideas and information, but the quartet managed to take home a few extra pounds!  Yes, New Orleans food is fantastic!!

As people in the Midwest are scooping snow, Staff Party will be preparing for holiday performances and contest in the spring.  HO! HO! HO!

 -Carolyn, Mary Ann, Diana, and Bettye

This space is for YOU!!


Chorus News

Show Me Sound

Show Me Sound chorus of Region 5 recently hosted a celebration observing their 25 years of chartered success. The chorus was chartered in 1994 and has worked hard with much help and support from sister chapter, the Kansas City chorus and Region 5 and previously from Region 7. The anniversary party was held at the Wesley United Methodist Church where the chorus has rehearsed since its beginning. The chorus is directed by Rosemary Olas and Kris Deweese and would like to thank all those who have helped with the success of the chorus.


Harmony Central Chorus

Join Harmony Central and Harmony Delegation (BHS) Choruses as we celebrate the magic of Christmas on December 14, at 3 & 7 pm at Meredith Reformed Church, Des Moines. Tickets are available by contacting any chorus member or at:

Cedar Harmony

Comfort levels were tested as seven chorus members joined the Women's Build with Habitat for Humanity. Women's Build is a global event focusing on building and improving homes and raising awareness of affordable housing issues facing women and their families.  Our ladies enjoyed a great day giving to the community.
Fun and education exploded during our fall retreat.  The chorus brushed up on breathing and support, brainstormed a mission statement, tie dyed t-shirts, worked choreography and crafted bracelets and earrings.  A great day to spend with sisters in harmony! Not to mention the money raised through a silent auction with the proceeds going to purchase a CD burner for the chorus.
Cedar Harmony has moved to a new rehearsal hall, "Music Hill Studios". We had outgrown our old space and happened into space in a church acquired by a music studio. Happy voices abound!
Hard work permeates our lives as we listen to learning CDs, learn competition songs and choreography and fine tune performances.  We live for a craft that satisfies our souls, touches hearts, and enriches lives.


Kansas City

The Kansas City Chorus continues its DREAM!  We had a fabulous coaching session with the incredible Jean Barford!  We had sectional PVI's the first evening and every person received feedback.  Jean truly is the "Master of Sound" and she shared techniques individualized for each member.  The next morning riser placement was completed, and that afternoon Jean offered her embellishments and textures to our new ballad.  It was a noteworthy session!

We have guests regularly and three prospective new members are on the risers!  Fundraising is ongoing; we're selling nuts, an amazing toiletry bag that can be personalized and a chorus member is returning a portion of her PartyLite proceeds back to the chorus.  

Our Holiday Harmony Spectacular "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" on Saturday December 7th with special guest quartet, Vocal Spectrum, is right around the corner!  We are excited to share this gift with you!  Tickets are selling quickly.  Info is available on our website or call Marlin @ 816.945.9671.

Congratulations to Vocal Standard Chorus, Pizzazz and Take 4 Quartets for their wonderful performances in New Orleans!  Class Ring’s induction into the Coronet club was awesome!  And, our own Michelle did a fantastic job on the webcast!

Gateway Spotlight

GSC presented an original “Second Chances” show a rainy and chilly afternoon of October 26th.   “Mr. Sandman” granted our lovely bride Zilla her wish of ‘bringing a dream’.  Three quartets followed with “Sound of Starbucks”, “Magic Tonight!”, and “Everybody Loves a Lover”.  All guests were able to “Get to the Church” to “Give My Heart” in a “Sentimental Journey” to the “Top of the World”.  Mothers-in-law agreed to live “Side by Side” …but which mom got to wear one of the identical dresses?  Guests enjoyed a cupcake and punch reception as men’s quartet Rivertown Sound warmed-up for memories with lively 50’s and 60’s songs.  The afternoon program was topped off by GSC singing “What a Wonderful World.”
GSC members enjoy many holidays with a small gift bag exchange.  Two weeks prior to the holiday, theme gift bags are distributed to those who wish to participate.  Setting a low dollar limit, bags are filled with treats and small surprises. A grab-bag type exchange delights and sends spirits soaring!  Christmas exchanges might be more elaborate with names drawn and tiny (secret) surprises given weekly until names are revealed at the December party.  Fun, friends, and frivolity keep us #.





Vocal Standard

Vocal Standard Barbershoppin’ the Big Easy was more than we could’ve ever hoped for. We could not have understood what it would mean to all of us to share that “first” time on stage together. We had 16 members who had never competed on the International Stage, including our Director, who made his SAI debut, and getting to experience it through that fresh lens was a joy.
We started the week with a proposal at our first rehearsal, and our excitement for Ashley and Natalie propelled us into the rest of the week. 26 of us marked the week with matching tattoos, while the rest had fake ones so we could take 43 purple notes on stage with us. Our 7 minutes on stage went by way too fast, but we could absolutely feel the love coming from the audience from start to finish. We even heard a few “VS, you know!” chants coming at us. And the rest of the week we were rewarded by the comments coming from far and wide, strangers on the street, and on all the various barber-chat social media platforms. There is nothing better than knowing that your performance impacted people in a positive way. We are so grateful to each and every person who took the time to share with us how they experienced our music. We will remember those comments forever.
Another “Life on a High Note” moment was when a small group singing Happy Birthday in a restaurant turned into an invitation and amazing opportunity to give a performance at the New Orleans Children’s Hospital. We sang for staff, patients, and their parents, and it really was the best way to cap off a week of emotions, love, and music.
Thank you to all of you for your love gifts, your comments and support, and for those of you who could attend, cheering for us in New Orleans. It was truly an amazing week for us.
So, what’s next? We are the featured guest on the Central Standard Holiday Show at the Folly Theater in Downtown Kansas City on Saturday, December 14th at 7PM. You can visit for tickets. We hope we can see some of you local KC peeps there. We love to sing some holiday tunes and have the opportunity to sing with the BHS medalist, Central Standard. We know many of you are preparing your own holiday performances, we wish you the very best as you close out your 2019. We’ll see you all soon!

Metro Mix

October and November are busy months for Metro Mix chorus.  On October 26th, Metro Mix was a featured guest for the Iowa City men’s barbershop group--Old Capitol Chorus.  At that performance, Bev Hamilton was honored with a special award that is presented each year by the Old Capitol chorus.  This award, called the “Big Wheel in the Arts” award, is presented annually to someone has made significant contributions to the arts in the Iowa City Community. During the presentation, Bev was recognized for her many contributions including quartet performances and awards, quartet coaching, chorus coaching and directing, supporting Young Women in Harmony clinics, and helping Metro Mix chorus members grow in their personal vocal skills.  She was also recognized for directing Metro Mix chorus through numerous regional contest awards and 6 trips to international competitions. 
Also, in October, a small group of chorus members called the Extension Chords sang for the annual Hoover Memorial ceremony which commemorates the date that President Hoover was laid to rest in West Branch. 
On November 15th there will be two performances.  The Extension Chords will sing for the November naturalization ceremony in Cedar Rapids.  In the evening, the chorus will sing for the annual gospel concert that is organized by the Harmony Hawks. 
On November 23, the chorus will perform a show at the Maquoketa performing arts center-called the Ohnward Performing Arts Center.  The performance begins at 4:00 P.M.



Sound Celebration

By the posting of this Take 5 edition, the Divas of Starstruck will have kicked off the stilettos and slipped into something more comfortable for the holiday sing-outs.

Sound Celebration Chorus and Lincoln Land Chorus co-hosted the First Annual Greater Springfield Area Youth in Harmony Festival on October 30, 2019.  Approximately 106 students from four area high schools spent the day learning the art of four-part barbershop harmony.  The young men and women then performed their newly learned songs at an evening concert, which also featured the quartets Flipside and South of Normal, and both Sound Celebration and Lincoln Land Chorus. The festival was well received by the students, whose enthusiasm is contagious.    
Sound Celebration has several holiday performances scheduled for November and December, and our new contest ballad is to hit the risers on November 25th.  

May you all have a ringing holiday season!


Acappella Omaha 

Acappella Omaha Chorus’ annual fall show, “Our Pajama Party”, under the direction of Annette Wallace, was successfully presented on November 9, 2019 at Ralston Community Theatre in Ralston, Nebraska.  Chorus members in the show committee wrote an original script which introduced some of the chorus’ favorite all-time songs; and both the chorus and the audience had a lot of fun!
And it was a FREE SHOW!!   Prior to that show, on October 20, the chorus performed for the River City Rehab in Omaha and was warmly received by residents, one of which was a former member.
On September 21, the chorus performed for a group within the St. James Catholic Church in Omaha and one of our former members and her spouse were in the group which appeared to really enjoy
the chorus’ presentation.



FHH "candy witches" at Topeka's "Boo at the Zoo." Front of the table: Jessica Wilson and Katie Martell. Behind the table: Linda Rousser and Virginia Easton Far right: Rebecca Cannon

Flint Hills Harmony

Flint Hills Harmony joyfully reunited with several past chorus members on October 8th! FHH delighted in a night of singing, reminiscing, and catching up with about a dozen former members. It was such a success that we may plan an annual reunion!
On October 14th, FHH presented a lighthearted barbershop music tutorial for the Women’s Fellowship at Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church in Topeka. Formatted in old radio program style, we discussed the history of barbershop, sang several selections, and taught the attendees a fun song that we all sang together. Thank you, Paula Clayton, for being the liaison and the radio “host!”
FHH encountered princesses, superheroes, tigers, cowgirls, and other characters at Topeka’s “Boo at the Zoo” on October 26th.  It was a sunny, brisk day to distribute candy to thousands of children and to greet their “adults.” This was the third year that FHH joined in the fun!
Our busy upcoming holiday plans include an annual guest night on November 12th, singing for a Lawrence women’s group on November 21st, and visiting area care homes several nights in December. Spreading our love of barbershop music during the holidays is one of our favorite activities each year!



City Voices

City Voices Chorus held a “Meet and Greet” for our new director, Barb Hyder.  There was a very good turnout.  The chorus and two quartets, Grace Notes and Honey Bees provided entertainment for the audience. There was time to visit and get to know Barb.  Everyone enjoyed socializing with old friends and visitors.  

Our annual holiday luncheon will be held December 7, 2019 at Genesis Catering.  Since the date is Pearl Harbor Day, the chorus is performing a USO show for the troops (the audience.) Stars and Stripes Forever tickets are rapidly being sold.  If anyone would like a ticket call Linda T. @ 314-651-8558.



River Blenders

The River Blenders enjoyed a spectacular fall afternoon in September as we performed at the St. Louis Art Fair. Our five finalists Sing for Scholarships soloists sang their hearts out for the audience and each of them went home with a big scholarship check from our chorus. The talent of these local students never fails to amaze us, and we LOVE this annual performance!
Sandwiched in between very busy rehearsals for our November show was a performance at St. Luke’s Hospital's Ribbons and Bows eventIt was a program “to celebrate the incredible women who have allowed us to be part of their breast cancer journey.” We were honored to be part of this wonderful evening.
June Lenk, one of our Basses, was featured in a full-page article in October’s Pitch Pipe!  We are so proud of June's efforts to build an inclusive and collaborative chorus. She makes us better.
Our Nov. 2ndMAKE A NOISE show was a great success!  Judging from the audience’s laughter at both the matinee and evening shows, they had a good time. So, did we! Tons of work, but tons of fun!!!  And, we hope, tons of profit. Our show is one of our major fundraisers to help with the expense of going to International Contest in Louisville next October. The other is selling tickets to a Cardinals baseball game next summer. Check out our website,, for more details!

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