Region 5 Hall of Fame

Judy Kaeser

2022 Region 5 Hall of Fame

Each and everyone of us have had people in our lives that have added to the fabric of our being. We have been lucky enough to share good times and challenges with people in our choruses and across the region. We all have great stories and can cite those times when we have learned so much from each other, when that outstretched hand has been crucial to our steps forward.

The Hall of Fame Award is an opportunity to collectively pause, reflect and recognize individuals in our region who have made a significant contribution to their chorus, the region, and individual members.

I am sure you know the song, “You are Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile “ from Annie. Can you visualize the scene where Annie and the other girls are grinning, giggling, and singing? Carrying on and dancing….. pure happiness? This could be our Hall of Famer’s theme song!

Since January of 1968, this amazing person has brightened many of our days (well, and a few nights from what I hear) with her grin, kindness and singing. She has crossed geographic boundaries with many “belles” and has “mixed it up” in her time… bring her to her current chorus.

When members of her chorus have not been “fully dressed,” she has smiled, altered or sewn new costumes.

Her Heart has always sung, especially on Valentines Day, organizing Singing Valentines for her chorus.

Always a Tenor (hmm.. go figure….) she has competed in multiple quartets and has been there to “blow the pitch.” I understand there are a few stories about her dropping and recovering a pitch pipe on stage without her quartet even knowing; however, she has never dropped a single responsibility and has filled many roles over her journey to be a Golden Girl.

This member has chaired every possible committee in her chorus and as a member of the regional management team, has worked to help our region evolve. She has been a section leader, planned many anniversary events for her chapter, and has received the Sally Award from her chapter. When this “Go to Gal” has had a title, she has “owned it” and could always be counted on.

I have marveled at her creativity and the ability to access and research “the archives” when a request arises. She knows the ebb and flow of the region, the accomplishments of our quartets and choruses, as the Regional Marketing coordinator and former Membership coordinator.

This vibrant, extraordinary person has been a friend and mentor to me and I am thankful for the way that she made time for me, encouraged me, and at time, gave me gentle, “on point “advice. I am confident she has done the same for many in this organization.

Let’s make this a very special moment and congratulate our 2022 Hall of Fame winner, Judy Kaiser.