Music Faculty

Spirit of the Midwest Region 5 Regional Faculty
Kay Bromert

Member of Harmony Central Chorus and Kansas City Chorus, Certified Arranger, International Music Arrangers Program Coordinator, Sweet Adelines International - Approved Candidate Music Judge, Certified Director.

Degree in Music - taught K-8 for a total of 11 years, Harmony Central Chorus music team, Kansas City Chorus baritone section leader/music team

Areas of Expertise:
  • Music Arranging
  • Music Category/Interpretation/Performance
  • Coaching quartets & small choruses
  • Available to 'advise' on music choices and fixing arrangements
  • Music choices/legal issues

Dixie Dahlke

Chapter-At-Large, Sweet Adelines International - Certified Sound Judge

Biography:  SAI member since 1969, Queen of Harmony 1975 (tenor, Front Office Four). International faculty member for 27 years, directed choruses in Regions 2, 14, and 19, including a regional championship and scores over 600. Founded and directed Gateway Spotlight ChorUS in Region 5.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Coaching choruses & quartets
  • Teaching (extensive class list available)
  • Judging Categories
  • Directing Skills
  • Vocal Production/Unit Sound
  • Rehearsal/Section Rehearsal Planning & Implementation
  • Training/Cultivating Music Leaders

Bev Hamilton

Retired Master Director of Metro Mix Chorus

Area of Expertise:
  • Sound - Expression

Elizabeth Hardcastle
Member of Sound Celebration Chorus

Biography:  SAI member since 1968, Queen of Harmony 1986 (lead, Ambiance). Other International Quartets - Four Star Edition (11th place), 1976: Audio Express (9th place), 1979; Voices Only (5th place), 2001; directed three Region 5 choruses. International Queens of Harmony - Coronet Club Show Team (2009-current);emcee for all venues (SAI, business, health, various); extensive webcast experience on International and Regional levels.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Coaching choruses & quartets
  • Teaching skills
  • Directing Skills
  • Visual & vocal performance skills
  • Lyrical interpretation - finding, believing, and delivering the 'message'
  • Performance package planning/design/organization/execution
  • Show planning/production/execution in large or small venues
  • Long-range chorus planning (vision, music, shows, fundraising)
  • Inspirational/motivational speaking
  • Video archiving/professional video production
  • Webcast and emceeing skills (from origination to performance)

Susan Ives

Director of Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus

Biography:  Many years of music teaching experience, Director of TAU for 25 years, interest in promoting growth in the barbershop craft for both groups and individuals. Two-time International Queen of Harmony (lead, Classic Edition and Zing!), 2017 International 9th place quartet medalists (lead, PIZZAZZ!)

Areas of Expertise: 
  • Coaching choruses & quartets
  • Sound & Expression Coaching
  • Studied JCDB Handbook of Judging Categories

Moira McGhee

St. Louis Harmony Chorus Choreographer, Visual Enhancement

Biography:  Second generation dancer since the age of three, professional performer in the U.S. and abroad, retired from owning three performing arts studios. SAI member for over 10 years with a passion for creating outstanding entertainment continues studies for SAI choreographers; twice attended "Step Ahead" in Toronto and AHA in Oklahoma. Guest faculty (choreography) for Region 4 and Region 5 music schools. 2016 former Assistant Choreographer/Repetiteur for Ambassadors of Harmony, coach for various choruses and quartets, area panel judge for the Barbershop Harmony Festival; participation in 5 International Competitions. Professional Showmanship/Dance Technique Judge for various national dance organizations.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Passionate, focused & artistic
  • Decision maker/problem solver with special ability to coach & mentor others
  • Achieves goals with persistent discipline & passion for the artists' best interests
  • Calm disposition in stressful or demanding situations 
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Over 30 years as a successful, well organized coach/choreographer/teacher
  • Extensive Class List for your next Music Retreat

Annette Wallace

Director of Acappella Omaha Chorus, SAI Expression Judge, 2017-2018 Education Director

Biography:  B.S.., Music in Education - Vocal & Instrumental Music, SAI member since 1990, lead section leader/website administrator for Acappella Omaha Chorus; Lead, Fever! Quartet (multi-year regional medalist), 2020 Spirit of the Midwest Lifetime Achievement Award.

Areas of Expertise: 
  • Chorus & quartet coaching
  • Vocal Production/Sound/PVIs
  • Expression Category
  • Singing with Expression/Music Interpretation
  • Education Information/Internationally funded visits
  • Director Certification Program (DCP)

Sandi Wright

Retired Master Director of St. Louis Harmony Chorus; Certified Showmanship Judge, Associate Member, Harmony Incorporated - Certified Performance Judge

SAI member since 1969, Queen of Harmony 1978 (bari, Tetrachords) and 1986 (bari, Ambiance). Sweet Adelines International Faculty, 9 regional quartet championships and 15 regional chorus championships. Harmony Incorporated member since 1998, two International silver medals and one bronze medal in quartets.
Areas of Expertise:
  • Coaching choruses & quartets
  • Teaching (extensive class list available at
  • Judging Categories - You Be the Judge
  • Visual and Vocal Performance skills
  • Directing Skills
  • Rehearsal/Section Rehearsal Planning & Implementation
  • Training/Cultivating Music Leaders
  • Grant writing
  • Quartet Workshops
  • Marketing to Women of Today

International Funded Visit - "definition"

Eighteen internationally-funded education visits to chartered chapters are allocated per year to Region 5. The focus of internationally-funded visits is education to both the musical and administrative areas, membership development, assessment of the health, stability and/or needs of the chorus, building relationship and connection with regional choruses and their members, and for discovering and developing potential leaders. Internationally-funded visits should not be used for "get acquainted" visits.