St. Louis, Missouri

Tenor: Beth Grayson- River Blenders Chorus
Lead: Susan McCann - River Blenders Chorus

Baritone:  Connie Christansen - River Blenders Chorus

Bass: Lisa Woolridge - River Blenders Chorus

Shimmer - Formed December, 2023

Beth Grayson’s
passion is singing and dancing. She has sung and danced in many venues. They include: the Admiral, the Muny, the Loretta Hilton (“The Rep”), and at Washington University with their Repitor Company. She was also Miss Safe Boating of 1972 for the St. Louis area. She has been a River Blender for over 20 years singing Lead and now Tenor. She also sang in the Extension Chords, which is a small ensemble of the River Blenders Chorus. She plans to sing for at least another 20 years.

Susan McCann has been a member with Sweet Adelines International (SAI) for over 35 years. She has sung three different voice parts and has sung with seven quartets, including Shimmer and is currently a dual member of the River Blenders Chorus and City of Lakes Chorus in Minneapolis. Susan is a Lead Section Leader in the Blenders chorus.
Lisa Woolridge grew up with barbershop and joined Sweet Adelines in 1979. She has sung in a variety of quartets and choruses.  Lisa is a Certified Director and has directed a chorus for 4 years and has been an Assistant Director for numerous years.  Lisa has enjoyed attending IES and HU and is a member of AHSOW.  With a background in dance, Lisa has also choreographed for many choruses and quartets as well as being an International Liaison for the Young Singers Foundation.  Lisa is currently a member of the River Blenders chorus and Shimmer Quartet.
Connie Christiansen has been in SAI for 41 years and has enjoyed every minute. She is a Certified Director and was an Assistant Director for over 20 years. Connie has been a member of 3 different choruses and directed one of them for 3 years. Connie has sung 3 voice parts in quartets and choruses and has sung in seven quartets including Shimmer.  She has also enjoyed being a Baritone and Lead section leader in two of her choruses.  Connie also has a BS Degree in voice and piano.  She loves to sew, crochet, cook, read, watch movies, and SING!  The highlight of her Sweet Adeline career was when her (and Susan’s) Quartet Vivid Image won the 2013 Regional quartet competition.
Chapter: River Blenders Chapter of SAI
General public contact: Connie Christiansen

Area of operation: St. Louis
State: Missouri